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About the Project

Trackamate GPS, a company that provides GPS tracking devices and software, approached our creative studio for a complete corporate site redesign that would improve their online presence. Our team conducted extensive research to understand the company's target audience and industry, and used that information to create a design that would appeal to their customers and improve their online experience.  

The Project's Goal

Our primary objective was to design a visually attractive and user-friendly website that is fully responsive and ADA compliant. Our goal was to enhance the company's online presence by improving the user experience, increasing visitor retention, and boosting conversions. Additionally, we aimed to create a streamlined navigation system that enables users to locate Trackamate GPS's products and services effortlessly.


Our team started the design process by creating wireframes to outline the structure and layout of the website. We wanted to ensure that the design was fully responsive and accessible on all devices, so we created wireframes for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. We focused on creating a clear and consistent design that would be easy to navigate and provide a seamless user experience. 


After finalizing the wireframes, we moved on to creating prototypes of the website. We wanted to test the user experience and gather feedback on the design before moving on to the polished designs. Our team created prototypes for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens, and conducted user testing to identify any areas for improvement. Based on the feedback we made changes to the design and iterated until both the client and us were satisfied.

Polished Designs

After finalizing the wireframes and prototypes, we created polished designs for the website, highlighting Trackamate GPS's products and services with a visually appealing, modern design. We used high-quality images to supplement the designs and create a sense of trust with users. Additionally, we ensured the design was responsive and ADA compliant, optimizing the user experience across all devices.


By creating a clear and easy-to-use navigation system and incorporating high-quality images, we were able to provide a seamless user experience that promotes trust and credibility with users. The end-design was fully responsive and ADA compliant, ensuring that all users can access the information they need on any device. Overall, we are proud of the final design and believe it will help Trackamate GPS achieve their business goals.

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