Polished to Perfection

The Client

A local studio in the field of cosmetics, early in its development.

The goal of the project was to create the branding of a new nail salon amongst the increasing competition in the city of Varna. A simple and minimalistic approach ensured the salon can better rely on its two main strengths. The loyal customer base of the owner and a short memorable name.

The owner, a specialist with 20 years of professional experience in the cosmetic and hairdressing services. In the last 7 years, she specialized in manicure, pedicure and nail care and has accumulated a diverse and loyal client base that are not afraid to pay for a quality service.

The main way of communicating with clients for the owner until now was to give away contact cards that also served as a way to write appointment details. A business card typically included a phone number for information and reservations, social media channels, website and e-mail.

This process had to be preserved as requested by the client, so a matching to the new design contact card had to be created.

The Idea

In a city with hundreds of beauty salons providing similar services and with branding that often accents on the word “nails” or any hand imagery, we needed to do something different to avoid being lost and forgotten in the masses.

In our case where the client is a professional with many years of experience and has a loyal customer base, word of mouth is the most powerful way of signing new clients. Away from the obvious salons, here, a very simple and easy to remember logo would be more than enough to achieve that high-end feel. The words saloon, nails or anything similar will be absent so the identity can be focused entirely on the logo/name of the business. As for the contact cards, it had to be practical enough for the owner but exquisite enough so clients can proudly share it.

The main characteristics behind the logo are:

  • To show a feminine personality
  • To use the name of the owner
  • To stand out from standard card use

The simplicity of the design has brought printing costs to a minimum both for the contact cards and the salon branding stickers and artwork.

The Feedback

The new branding is very personal to the owner and highly recognizable both for loyal clients and those who come across for the first time. Further contact with the client is held to develop personalised inserts tailored towards an individual client.

The results were a welcomed surprise by the client and all expectations were met towards the creation of a memorable brand in a competitive environment.

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