Weed Gang

Welcome to the Game


WeedGang is a multi-player on-chain Defi strategy game that combines utility-based NFTs with a tokenomics model and PvP gameplay. WEEDGANG pushes the boundaries of P2E game theory. Using a sophisticated tokenomics model for the in-game currency $RAKS combined with multiple types of NFTs and game mechanics for probabilistic breeding, risk-based PvP battling, and a rich trading ecosystem.


NFT projects need a great deal of exposure and strong public backing for the idea to be successful. Our work for WEEDGANG aimed to help with just that by building and designing a modern landing page that would provide potential investors with enough information to nudge them into joining the NFT game’s universe and become active members of the growing community.


The darker tone of the website was inspired by some of the provided typographic examples, the project’ logo and the personal preference of the client.

Another distinct feature in the provided assets was the inclusion of a grain effect, which added authenticity to the presented information. We, however, decided to go a step further from the inspiration and brought the entire page to life with the inclusion of a real-time grain effect. The end result was bold, yet highly sophisticated.


One of the main aspects of the page was the Roadmap section that provides a clear, four-step, insight into the project’s future development. As such, we needed a creative way to visually show that progression and decided to use the game world’s prime topic to do just that, weed plants.

We illustrated the growth of a weed plant from seedling to a full-grown plant in the same way the project would grow from just an idea to an active game world with its own process, rules and purpose.

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