Mecha Chaotic

An Experiment in Decentralized Chaos


Mecha Chaotic: Bedlam is a collection of 9666 NFT abominations manifesting on the Ethereum blockchain and sold on OpenSea. A rare creative experience with layers of rich lore, detailed artwork, and an interactive experience. Full of one of a kind artworks by the Mecha Master Ethan S Brewerton, R.O.Y. forger Walter Ostlie, and various other collaborators.


A bold and clean landing page that can proudly showcase the many hours of work put behind the lore and its art. The project’s visual identity was already well defined not only by the vast amount of extremely detailed MechaChaotic NFTs that easily set the tone by themselves, but also by a well-documented identity guidelines that helped us define the visual scope of the project.

Mecha Chaotic is a universe riddled with madness and wreathed in mystery. Dark and highly textured, with a vibrant neon glow that nears the ritualistic.


Spacious and Striking. Two words that easily summarize the overall feel of the created landing page.

The user interface had been carefully planned out so every element paid homage to the rules within the MechaChaotic universe. The use of a visible grid layout formed a brutalistic UI that was heavily inspired by the interface-like representation of some Bedlam NFT characters.

Dynamics were achieved through scroll-based animations that brought the various ritualistic elements of their universe to life. As there was no concrete color-palette to work with, we designed the website so that it felt alive as you moved through it.The entire UI’s neon glow smoothly transitions between different colors depending on the position of the user.

Responsive Design

We also worked on creating a fully-responsive experience that adjusts its content according to the size of the screen. We used specific breakpoints to specify the different styles for each screen size, and tested the website on multiple devices to ensure that it looked and worked correctly.

From Mobile to enthusiasts of 8K TV browsing, the experience was seamless no matter what device the users were using.

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