Como Te Llamas

Welcome to the Herd!


The Como Te Llamas is a series of 1,111 NFTs  that follow Jake the Llama on his adventures through the Llamaverse. Owning such an NFT allows holders to access private community events and comedy shows in the Metaverse, often with various prizes. The purpose of the project is to create a place in which members can relax, have fun, and truly be themselves.


We assisted the creator of Como Te Llamas in the design and development of a single-page landing page that aimed to promote and inform potential investors about the purpose and benefits from joining their community. The design also involved the creation of the project’s wordmark and color palette, both of which needed to match the fun, relaxing, nature behind the NFT series.


We wanted to create a palette that was bold and bright, yet toned down enough that it was pleasant to look at even on brighter screens. This approach gave us the current more pastel-like palette of cyan and white, inspired by the midday sky, and highlighted by the inclusion of reassuring beige tones that kept the user’s focus on the content without making the page too obstructive.


Fun, playful and easy to read. When it came to creating a wordmark for Como Te Llamas there were a few things we kept in mind throughout the process. The wordmark should stray from the standards, it should be eye-catching and memorable and it should fit the theme and voice of the project.

We made use of a funky and lighthearted typeface where each letter had its own unique imperfect rhythm, all composed under a cartoonish arc to share the comical attitude of the project and remind users not to take anything too seriously.


A visual representation of the lightheartedness behind the project’s core ideals. Each section was highlighted by the inclusion of a black, border to create a visual cue between the comic-like style of the NFTs and the page.

The combination of pastel color palette and funky typographic elements made for a page that reinforced the feeling of friendliness and familiarity, while the addition of enough white space between sections allowed for a roomy experience that made readability a breeze no matter the device.

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