Digital Arcade Redefined

About the Project

Our team at the creative studio was tasked with creating a dynamic and visually appealing website for Starcade, an online arcade experience that focuses on NFT collections and crypto reward systems. The goal was to design and build a website that would showcase the unique features of the platform while also promoting the NFT games available on the website. The website needed to be responsive, user-friendly, and visually engaging to attract and retain visitors. Our team worked closely with the client to create a design that would meet all of their needs and exceed their expectations.  


We chose to use Webflow for this project for  its ability to create custom designs and the flexibility to make changes quickly and easily. We designed the website with a focus on creating a user-friendly interface that would make it easy for visitors to navigate the platform. We used Webflow's CMS to manage content and created custom animations and interactions to add visual interest to the site.

Responsive Design

Responsive design was a crucial aspect of the Starcade project. We knew that many visitors would access the site on their mobile devices, so we made sure that the site would look great and be easy to use on any screen size.

We utilized Webflow's responsive design tools to create a mobile-first design that would work seamlessly across all devices. We also optimized the website's load time to ensure a smooth user experience, no matter the device. 


The Starcade website was a fun and exciting project to work on, and our team was thrilled with the final result. With our expertise in Webflow and responsive design, we were able to create a site that looks great on any device, while also providing a unique and engaging online experience. The Starcade website is a great example of our ability to design and build custom websites that meet the needs of our clients and provide exceptional user experiences.

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