Brabant’s Finest Roofing

The client

dakxl.nl is a local roofing and maintenance company based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The company was established by a group of experienced masters of the craft and relied heavily on finding new customers.

Their business model offers competitive prices and unmatched quality of execution for all their roofing services and with the high competition of similar services in the region, DakXL needed a distinctive, yet professional website focused around trustworthiness and service presentation.


The requirements were discussed in a short briefing that described the needed content for all the website’s pages. A copy for the landing page was also provided by the client. Since DakXL never had a website nor an established branding before, we were given complete creative freedom on how to approach the project with one consideration in place, the logo.


From the very start of the project, DakXL already had their logotype design ready for use, thus, we decided to base the entire feel of the website on it.

The colors used by their logo designer served as the perfect concept base since most of the onsite photography provided to us by the client from their daily work routine included clear blue skies and greenery from the trees in the background.

This type of photos, combined with the colors of the logo, has allowed us to merge the hi-res work examples of the company with architectural blueprint style visuals loved by the founder of DakXL to better illustrate that all services involve a process, from planning to their successful execution.


Upon the approval of the initial concept, the website was up and ruining within a month. The simplicity of the requirements allowed us to build the website from scratch with a custom and lightweight CMS to avoid dependencies on third party hosting providers and as a result reduce the monthly upkeep costs and drastically increase the loading speed.

Despite the higher project cost, another advantage of opting-in for a custom CMS website was the future expandability of the project. The client has plans for the addition of projected service cost calculators and automated price quotes as part of their marketing campaign, which required speed, precision and control hardly found on third party builders.


The project was completed successfully and the seamlessly illustrated services offered by DakXL on the landing page far exceeded the expectations of the client. The website was created to provide an effective and solid foundation upon which to expand in the future as the business grows.

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