If we go, we go together


Getting together with friends and family has never been easier. Fwego is an upcoming mobile app that aims to combine organizational tools and an optional monetary commitment to make it simple to keep your plans predictable. The mobile app can allow you create or join pacts with friends, communicate about upcoming events, automatically upload them into your calendar and create incentives to follow through.


We partnered with Fwego to create a stunning, yet to-the-point, marketing page that captures the essence of freedom in planning and would allow the stakeholders to direct their marketing efforts towards an active domain. The target audience was potential users, mostly young adults, and investors so we opted for a design approach that highlights the main aspects of this exciting new app and educates their future users on what to expect from it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Effortless is the keyword that best captures both the value proposition of the app and the resulting feel of the landing page. Each paragraph tells you exactly what you can do and each screen shows you how to achieve it.

Dynamics were added through the slight float-like behavior of the phone mockups as each user scrolls down through the page. The color-palette followed the provided brand guidelines but was expanded upon into an ambient background that changed together with the page.

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The use of Webflow as a platform allowed for a short completion cycle and striking interactions that minimized the overall development costs for the client. The result was an experience that expanded upon the Fwego brand and told the story as is.