Mosaic Labs

Hello! We are Mosaic.


Mosaic Labs is a digital venture studio specializing in product growth and development for digital organizations, brands and influencers. They focus on scalable, secure, and highly responsive solutions to improve user experience and drive more sales through lead generation and cold outreach for a perfect product market fit.


The team behind Mosaic Labs reached out to us to assist with the design and development of a service portal on Webflow for their new venture. Having worked together before with some of the people there made organizing the project straightforward and we were given freedom to express our ideas. With a pre-existing pitch deck and a clear desire to keep everything easy to digest and roomy, our concept for the site came not much later.


Negative space and highlights allowed for a lightweight user experience that guides the visitor through each of the services offered by Mosaic. Each section offers a to the point description, a list of points to quickly overview service deliverables and a graphic that vaguely directs the user’s imagination in regards to the showcased points.

The service landing pages themselves offer a standard and familiar intro, followed by a dynamic roadmap that highlights the service process one step at a time. An approach that is not just clean, but also effective in making sure the user is never overwhelmed with information.

The use of Webflow as a platform allowed for a quick project turnover with a first-class user experience and a perfect rescale across devices.

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