Discover The Forlorn


The Forlorn’ is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated 3D Character NFTs, built from hundreds of elements. Each item in their collection is an original artwork, with its own high quality 3D design and each character with different Skills, Strengths and Weaknesses that are 100% metaverse compatible and will play a crucial role in their upcoming Play-to-Earn Game.  


We helped the creators behind The Forlorn metaverse project with the redesign and development of their website on the Webflow platform. A fresh new take that needed to share their enthusiasm for the universe, help them spread the word and show their project is here to stay.


Since the main talking points behind the concept of The Forlorn universe was the client’s upcoming game and given the nature of their 3D rendered art, we decided to fully embrace this fact and create a virtual space that felt like the starting point of a brand new adventure. Like starting a New Game.


Heavily inspired by the menus of some AAA games, we created a webpage that fully embodied the essence of a futuristic, even cyberpunkish, UI to highlight the main sections of the web page.

When combined with clean and bold typography, we had the perfect recipe to tell a convincing story that guided the user by itself through all of the most important facts about the project or just simply invite them over to join The Forlorn community. Direct and Effective.

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