Cyber Snails

A Cyberpunk Themed Mystery


The Cyber Snails project was established by a group of seasoned NFT traders with the intention of creating a high-alpha community of experienced and connected individuals.  The project's mission is to become the ultimate NFT alpha community and provide tools, resources, information and connections to members to help them be better traders. Each Character is 100% Metaverse Compatible and will play…


We worked together with the team behind Cyber Snails to develop and design a multi-page website on the Webflow platform that will supplement their marketing efforts before and after the launch of their NFT collection as well as to inform their audience on what to expect from the project and get them familiar with the concepts behind the idea.


As the website had to be built much sooner that the actual launch of the project the visual assets we were provided with were limited to a logo and a few concept art examples.

For us it was more than enough to create a digital space that felt like an extension of the NFT’s own universe and extract a color palette to go with it.


Futuristic, as if playing a cyber-themed game. We went for a side-menu that utilized the project’s logo to its maximum capacity and provided a static hub from which users can easily navigate across the different pages.

This approach also allowed us to create a consistent experience across devices, where the same hub would slide-in on mobile devices.

Dynamics were achieved with the addition of a transition animation between the pages of the website that imitated the cyber distortion of graphics that reshape into something new.

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