Fruity Puffs

Fresh Look, Fun Flavors

Fruity Puffs is a proposed alternative take and packaging redesign of the canadian nutradried whole blueberries Blu Puffs by Cal-San. The client required a whole new take on the current package that introduced more playful and vibrant colors, fun fonts and the inclusion of a mascot character inspired by popular cereal brands.

The project deliverables were a mockup of the new package design and a few social media posts that can show the new mascot in action.


We began the project with a sprint of quick ideas by comparing the original package of Blu Puffs to a number of cereal, candy and character packages the client had shortlisted for reference.


The right typeface can make or break a package. We shortlisted a number of fonts to set the new playful tone.

Initial Draft

Our initial version for the new design aimed to retain its familiarity to the original packaging and all the information on it, but in a much cleaner and youthful manner.

Polished Concepts

After taking upon the more successful elements of the draft and combining them with some fresh ideas, the Fruity Puffs package was brought to life as a truly unique and playful alternative to the original package with two font versions to compare and test.

Final Concept

Social Media Feed

The concluding task for the project was to present the client with a concept of a social media feed with the use of the new packaging and mascot


In the end, the client was more than thrilled to receive a totally fresh take on their existing product that paved the way for an entirely new concept line of original fruit products.